The First Steps är ett album av Cookies 'N' Beans, utgivet 2013.

The First Steps
Samlingsalbum av Cookies 'N' Beans
Cookies 'N' Beans-kronologi
Go Tell the World The First Steps


  1. "Sunday Walk of Shame"
  2. "Burning Flags"
  3. "Is It Ok to Cry Now"
  4. "What If"
  5. "The Only Medicine"
  6. "First We Take Manhattan"
  7. "Tomorrow’s Such a Long Time Away"
  8. "I Just Don’t Have The heart"
  9. "The First Step (on a Long Way Down)"
  10. "Kings & Queens (single version)"
  11. "Now It’s Too Late"
  12. "The Boy Is Mine"
  13. "Go Tell the World"
  14. "Fire"
  15. "Sin Wagon"