Herbie Crichlow

svensk låtskrivare
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Herbie Crichlow, egentligen Herbert St. Clair Crichlow, född 26 november 1968 i Storbritannien, är en brittisk-svensk musikproducent, sångare, rappare och låtskrivare, som var medlem av den framgångsrika Cheironstudion.

Herbie Crichlow
Född26 november 1968[1] (55 år)
Storbritannien, Storbritannien
Medborgare iSverige och Storbritannien
SysselsättningLåtskrivare, musikproducent
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Under artistnamnet Herbie slog Crichlow igenom i mitten av 1990-talet med albumet Fingers och singlar som I Believe och Right Type of Mood.

Som låtskrivare och producent har Crichlow gjort musik åt artister som Backstreet Boys (bland annat Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely och Quit Playing Games with My Heart), 5ive (Slam Dunk (Da Funk), Everybody Get Up), Robyn (Do You Know (What It Takes)), E-Type (Hold Your Horses), Leila K (Open Sesame), The Fooo Conspiracy (Fridays Are Forever) och Zayn (TiO).

Crichlow var en av jurymedlemmarna i den andra säsongen av den svenska versionen av PopstarsKanal 5 (2002), och producerade vinnargruppen Supernaturals album.

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Låtskrivare redigera

Artist Album Låt
3T Brotherhood "Gotta Be You"
5ive "Everybody Get Up"
"It's The Things You Do"
"My Song"
"Partyline 555-online"
"Slam Dunk (Da Funk)"
"Straight up Funk"
Official song for the N.B.A 1998
9 Muses "Hurt Locker"
Abraham Mateo "Señorita"
"Who I Am"
Afro Dite "Surrender"
Al Di-meola "Shame" feat. Joe
"That's the Truth" feat. Angie Stone
Alagami "Buggin Like Taps"
Aleandra Burke "Gotta Go"
Andy Abrahams "All around the world"
Backstreet Boys "Nobody But You"
"Quit Playing Games with My Heart"
"Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely"
"That's The Way I Like It"
"We've Got It Going On"
The Baseballs "Let it Go"
Chuck Anthony "Baby Come Back"
CLIQ "Wavey" feat. Alika
CLIQ Google Me Feat. Alika & Ms Banks
Dana Dragomir "One man Woman"
Danny Fernandes "Overdose"
De De "Party"
"What Am I Gonna Do"
Metaphor "I'm In Love"
"Next To your Heart"
I Do "My Lover"
"Say Say Say"
Deep Fried "Channel Girl"
Drain STH Freaks Of Nature "Simon Says"
E-Type Made in Sweden "Hold Your Horses"
"Me No Want Miseria"
Ewa Farna " Poznasz mnie, bo to ja"
"Nemám na vybranou (I'm in Love)"
"Poznasz mnie, bo to ja"
Faky "Girl Digger"
The Fooo Conspiracy "Build a girl"
"Fridays are Forever"
f(x) "Toy"
Graaf Graaf "You Got What I Want"
Hatty Keane "In Your Arms"
Herbie "Silver Surfer" feat. Maja
"The Rush"
Fingers "Big Funky Dealer"
"Come Together"
"Gangs to the Max"
"I Believe"
"Pickit up"
"Rainbow Child"
"Right Type of Mood"
"The Skank"
Igloo "Never Gonna Take U Back" feat. River
Jane Zhang "Together"
Jessica Folker "Tell Me What You Like"
"Tell Me Why"
JIMNY "Waves" feat. Ruby Prophet
Kat De Luna "You Are Only Mine "
Krishane "Inconsiderate"
Leila K Carousel "Carousel"
"Check the Dan"
"Close Your Eyes"
"Massively Massive"
"Open Sesame"
"Slow Motion"
Manic Panic "Come on now"
"Rude Boy" feat. Papa Dee
LYSA "Lights On"
Maja "All Night" feat. Herbie
Momo Wu "My Lips"
Makeyouknowlove MYKL "Vitamin "
"The Highest"
Nataliya "Gone To Stay"
NG3 "Holler"
"Keep Yo Head Up"
"My Way"
"Nasty Girls"
"Ng3 for Life"
"Ooops Up" feat. Snap[särskiljning behövs]
"Ready Or Not"
"Tainted Love"
"The Anthem"
Northern Line "Run For Your Life"
O-Town "Sensitive"
Private "Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be"
Red Velvet "Oh Boy"
Rita Ora "Kiss Me " (Fifty Shades Darker)
Robyn Robyn is Here "Do You Know (What It Takes)"
Shinee "Destination"
"Like a Fire"
"Punch Drunk Love"
Southside Rockers "Jump"
Stan Walker "Bully" feat. Herbie Crichlow
Stefanie Heinzmann "Diggin' in the Dirt"
Super Junior "Stand Up"
Supernatural "Closer I get to you"
"Code Red"
"Don’t Pop me Down"
"I'm Gonna Love you"
"Rock U"
"Show me"
Sweet California "GoodLovin"
Taeyeon "Up & Down"
Ulrich Munther "Crash test Dummies"
W-ind "Candle Light"
"Midnight Venus"
Waldols People "Bounce"
Zayn "TiO"
"Good Years"

Utmärkelser redigera

  • Special Award for outstanding works 1997 UN Non Violence project
  • Most played song of the year 1997 ASCAP Award winner
  • Most played song of the year 1998 ASCAP Award winner
  • Most played song of the year 1999 ASCAP Award winner
  • Most played song of the year 2001 ASCAP Award winner

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