Carnegie Art Award var ett nordiskt bildkonstpris, som instiftades 1998 av Carnegie Investment Bank och utdelades till och med 2014.

Heikki Marila, förstapristagare 2012.

Carnegie Art Award utdelades för samtida nordiskt måleri baserat på verk som hade skapats under de senaste två åren. Det delades ut årligen under de första åren och delades mellan 2002 och 2014 ut vartannat år. Den totala prissumman var 2,1 miljoner svenska kronor, varav vinnaren fick en miljon kronor. I samband med prisutdelningen visades de nominerade verken på en utställning.

Prismottagarna fick också en skulptur i diabas av Jene Highstein.

Carnegie Investment Bank beslöt 2014 att upphöra med priset.[1]

Juryn bestod år 2010 av Tuula Arkio, Gunnar J. Árnason, Iwona Blazwick, Ina Blom, Mikkel Bogh och Lars Nittve.

Tuula Arkio ledde också juryn 2012, vilken i övrigt bestod av Gunnar J. Árnason, Mikkel Bogh, Isabel Carlos, Stian Grøgaard och Ann-Sofi Noring.

Juryn 2014 leddes av Mikkel Bogh och bestod i övrigt av Stian Grøgaard, Frances Morris, Ann-Sofi Noring, Timo Valjakka och Hafthor Yngvason.[2]



Mottagare av förstapriset

  • 2014 Dag Erik Elgin, Norge, för
    "his 'Balance of Painters', a series of paintings presenting 17th century art theorist Roger de Piles' quantative system for ranking masters of the Renaissance and Baroque Period...for more than a decade Dag Erik Elgin has pursued a carefully executed, painterly expression combining coherence of pattern with overall textures."
  • 2012 Heikki Marila, Finland, för
    "his large-format flower paintings, a radically departure, both in their form and subject matter, from today's mainstream in Nordic painting."
  • 2010 Kristján Guðmundsson, Island, för
    "his intriguing sound-absorbing paintings, made of acrylic on canvas mounted in metal panels, pursuing his unique explorations of the aesthetic dimension of painting and drawing with characteristic wit and visual sensibility."
  • 2008 Torsten Andersson, Sverige, för
    "his matchless œuvre of painting that consolidates two absolute opposites, the general and the personal."
  • 2006 Karin Mamma Andersson, Sverige, för
    "her imaginative revitalisation of the narrative and atmospheric potential of painting."
  • 2004 Nina Roos, Finland, för [att hon]
    "Over the past three ye ars ... has adopted a striking new orientation towards even greater cpmplexity in her treatment of some of painting's most difficult issues, and especially the disappearing instant. She has succeeded in developing something as rare as a new poetics of painting."
  • 2002 Troels Wörsel, Danmark
  • 2001 Jan Håfström, Sverige, för
    "[paintings], which - in an unassuming manner - can be Seen as an embodiment of the mystery of painting. Dry and executed with an apparent clumsiness, They draw us with irresistable seductiveness into a number of parallel tales about life, att and time."
  • 2000 Mari Slaattelid, Norge, för
    Reading woman, "two works with a visual beauty that spans the entire history of painting, from the marking of body with paint to the late modernist monochrome."
  • 1999 Rolf Hansson, Sverige
  • 1998 Ulrik Samuelson, Sverige

Mottagare av andrapriset

  • 2014 Sophie Tottie, Sverige, för
    "her painterly explorations that oscillate between being physical objekts in their own right and evoking or realities."
  • 2012 Ann Edholm, Sverige, för
    "paintings that demand the viewer's full attention. Their stringent visual energy and dynamic, and their density place them in a unique sphere of physical experience and mental intenseness."
  • 2010 Kristina Jansson, Sverige, för
    "her paintings that evoke a veritable echo of a place, strange, speechless, yet convincing and insistent."
  • 2008 Jesper Just, Danmark, för
    "his video work A Viscious Undertow. The timing and rhythm in Just's film is characterised by a lingering narrative. The visual side of the film evokes a feeling that there is more going on than the film reveals."
  • 2006 Eggert Pétursson, Island, för
    "his singular display of vegetation at close range, which has been his subject matter for as long as he can remember. Seen at a distance, his paintings seem to be abstractions, but close up They dissolve in endless realistic details of easily identifiable plants and flowers."
  • 2004 Anette Harboe Flensburg, Danmark, för
    "her series of interior scenes entitled Reception Rooms. The pictorial expression of these paintings is based on the traditional imagery of interiors, amplified through divergencies in models of representation which are in some cases in accord with the mimeric tradition, and which in others are at odds with it."
  • 2002 Lena Cronqvist, Sverige, för
    "...paintings that manage to combining formal clarity with a tale of vulnerability and sorrow of unusual poignancy."
  • 2001 Carolus Enckell, Finland
  • 2000 Hreinn Friðfinnsson, Island, för
    "his three works (Placement, On a rainy day, Untitled) that ingeniously manifest the primary foundations of painting: the existence of colour in white light, made visible by refraction through a prism, the visual presence of colour on the surface, and the material presence of colour as pigment."
  • 1999 Silja Rantanen, Finland
  • 1998 Nina Roos, Finland

Mottagare av tredjepriset

  • 2014 konstnärsgruppen A Kassen, Danmark: Christian Bretton-Meyer (född 1976), Morten Steen Hebsgaard (född 1977), Søren Petersen (född 1977) och Tommy Petersen (född 1975), för
    "their surprisingly wry approach to painting, demonstrated in a series of works with links to the practice within conceptual art of investigating relationships among objects, visual images and language."
  • 2012 Christian Schmidt-Rasmussen, Danmark, för
    "his visually and narratively taxing paintings. [His] recent series of works portrays a number of Danish suburban settings, where the apparently tranquil idyll is revealed as a complex space full of potential, possibilities and stories, emphasised by the subtle ylet distinct traces of a violent physical work process and unique contemporary pastorals with dramatic undercurrents."
  • 2010 Felix Gmelin, Sverige, för
    "a work that is an almost archaeological exploration of the social and political ramifications of the tactility and expressiveness of painting."
  • 2008 John Kørner, Danmark, för
    "a series of new paintings that explore the expressive possibilities that painting offers today with playfulness and precision."
  • 2006 Petra Lindholm, Finland, för
    "her nocturnal video narrative Until (2004), with its painterly imagery and complex, non-linear narrative."
  • 2004 Olav Christopher Jenssen, Norge, för
    "three large paintings in which he again demonstrates his ability to solve fundamental painterly challenges in a new and fresh manner."
  • 2002 Tal R, Danmark, for
    "...[paintings where] The artist demonstrate his mastery of the painting medium through an energetic brushwork that situates simple, roughly drawn figures across the canvas."
  • 2001 Johan Scott, Finland, för
    ..."his works' powerful, intense painterly approach. The appear to have come about easily and effortlessly, expressing the artist's mood or a particular experience."
  • 2000 Petri Hytönen, Finland
  • 1999 Clay Ketter, Sverige
  • 1998 Torsten Andersson, Sverige

Mottagare av stipendiet för unga konstnärer

  • 2014 Davíð Örn Halldórsson, Island, för
    " his vividly colored abstract paintings on found wood panels. These paintings are full of surprises and contradiictions."
  • 2012 Klara Lidén, Sverige, för
    " her ingenious combination of readymades and minimalist painting. She removes thick layers of advertising posters from the walls of the city, covers the cut-out wads with blank white posters and thereby erases time and space from her objects."
  • 2010 Marie Søndergaard Lolk, Danmark, för
    "her original contribution to the development of a painterly practice that is both process-oriented and satuarated in information. Her works explore the history of painting in subtle ways, while also displaying an impressive balance between conceptual clarity and material impenetrability."
  • 2008 Nathalie Djurberg, Sverige, för
    "her animated film New Movements in Fashion, which superimposes the style-worlds of painting and fashion in a completely unique manner. With razor-sharp imagination and grotesque comedy, Djurberg conjures up the dark undertow of contemporary visual culture."
  • 2006 Sirous Namazi, Sverige, för
    "two works... With unfailing humour, Namazi pairs the æstetics of minimalism with the ideology of failure, and the result is often an illusion on the margin of painting."
  • 2004 Elina Brotherus, Finland
  • 2002 David Svensson, Sverige, för
    att " he with precision and a sense of poetry examines one of the most closely- guarded boundraries of the art world, the one between art and design."
  • 2001 Jens Fänge, Sverige, för
    "his remarkable and highly sensitive painting, which is a wonderful parody of the motifs and symbolik value of traditional painting."
  • 2000 John Kørner, Danmark
  • 1999 Tal R, Danmark
  • 1998 Jussi Niva, Finland

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