Slug (rappare)

amerikansk musiker

Sean Micheal Daley med artistnamnet Slug, född 7 september 1972, är en amerikansk rappare. Han är från Minneapolis i Minnesota. Slug är medlem musikgruppen Atmosphere, som han grundade tillsammans med Derek Turner (Spawn). Turner har lämnat gruppen och nu återstår endast producenten Ant och Slug. År 1995 grundade Slug tillsammans med ett par vänner det oberoende skivbolaget Rhymesayers Entertainment.[1]

Slug rapper 2012.jpg
FödelsenamnSean Michael Daley
Född7 september 1972 (50 år)
BakgrundUSA Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
GenrerHiphop, Rrp, indie hiphop, underground rap
År som aktiv1989–nutid
SkivbolagRhymesayers Entertainment
ArtistsamarbetenAtmosphere, Eyedea, Deep Puddle Dynamics


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Sång Album Artist År Skivbolag
"B.L.A.K. Culture" och "Unaligned Sperms" Comparison Beyond 1996 Rhymesayers Entertainment
"Pea King" Hank Mobley's Sound of Love Casino Royale 1996 Anal Log Music
"I'll Be OK" Float Aesop Rock 1999 Mush Records
"Never" World Premier Unknown Prophets 2000 Unknown Prophets
"Slug & Sage Freestyle parts I & II" Still Sick... Urine Trouble Sage Francis 2000 Strange Famous Records
"Atmosphere Exclusive" For Persons With DJ Abilities DJ Abilities 2000 Rhymesayers Entertainment
"Frisbee" P.A.I.N.T. Abstract Rude 2001 Battle Axe Records
"Forget Me" The Many Faces of Oliver Hart Eyedea 2001 Rhymesayers Entertainment
"Night Prowler" och "Nothing Less" Almost Famous Living Legends 2001 Legendary Music
"Uncle Sam" Second Nature All Natural 2001 All Natural Inc.
"Days Grow Old", "Orphanage Freestyle Parts 1 & 2" Sick Of Waiting Tables Sage Francis 2001 Strange Famous Records
"Put Your Quarter Up" Ritual of the Molemen Molemen 2001 Molemen Records
"In Regrets" Small Steps Heiruspecs 2002 Interlock
"Gotta Love 'Em" Search and Rescue DJ Murge 2002 Battle Axe Records
"Lambslaughter" Madman (single) Prime 2002 Molemen Records
"Embarrassed" Sick Of Waging War Sage Francis 2002 Strange Famous Records
"Unsatisfied och Fuck Heros" Luckiam.PSC Eligh 2002 Living Legends
"Edie Brikell" USSR: The Art of Listening DJ Vadim 2002 Ninja Tune
"Blah Blah Blah" och "Missing Teeth" Shadows on the Sun Brother Ali 2003 Rhymesayers Entertainment
"Fallen" The Darkest Cloud Vakill 2003 Molemen Records
"Sex And More" Phobia Of Doors 12 Fred Ones 2004 Traffic Entertainment Group
"The Great Debate" Fahrenheit 69 Blowfly 2004 Alternative Tentacles
"Doomage" Sickly Business Sage Francis 2004 Strange Famous Records
"(Even) More Human Than Human" Revolutions X-Ecutioners 2004 Sony Records
"You're A Bitch Too" You're A Bitch Too (single) D-Tension 2005 Brick Records
"Track 05" Block in the Box (promo CD) Blockhead 2005
"My Alien Girlfriend" Killing Fields Molemen 2006 Molemen Records
"Bleeding Hearts Club (MPLS Chapter)" och "Bush League Psyche-Out Stuff" Audition P.O.S 2006 Rhymesayers Entertainment
"The League of Extraordinary Nobodies" I'll Sleep When You're Dead El-P 2007 Definitive Jux
"Line Of Scrimmage" The Weatherman LP Evidence 2007 ABB Records
"The Office" Bloody Radio Grayskul 2007 Rhymesayers Entertainment
"Dance With Me" Sweep the Leg Hangar 18 2007
"Don't Leave (When the Winter Comes)" Strange Journey Volume One CunninLynguists 2009 QN5 Music
"We Made It" Survival Skills Krs-One och Buckshot 2009
"Supervillainz" Born Like This DOOM 2009 Lex
"!BOOM!" SAY G&E The Grouch & Eligh 2009 Legendary Music
"In Your Soul" Who the F@%k Are You? C-Rayz Walz 2009 Definitive Jux Records
"Work" Picking Flowers Next to Road Kill Kristoff Krane 2010
"Buzzkill" Girls Like Me Intuition 2010 Hellfyre Club
"Hip-Hop" Everything's A Gamble Vol. 2 King Magnetic 2010 King Mag Music/Fat Beats
"Late For The Sky" Cats & Dogs Evidence 2011 Rhymesayers Entertainment