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This template creates an interactive world choropleth map, indicating some statistical value with different colors for different countries. A tooltip with country data is shown when the mouse is over a country.


{{Choropleth world map

| title=Net official development assistance and official aid (ODA) received in 2019
| table=OdaReceived2019.tab
| column=oda_received
| columnName= ODA received
| year=2019

See or edit source data.

{{Choropleth world map

| title=CO2 Per Capita
| table=CO2PerCapita.tab
| column=tonnes
| columnName=tonnes per Capita
| year=2017

See or edit source data.

{{Choropleth world map

| title=Share of the population infected with HIV
| table=HIV_rates.tab
| column=HIV_rate
| columnName=Percent of people with HIV
| year=2017

See or edit source data.

Dataset formatRedigera

The dataset should be stored at Wikimedia commons, in the Data namespace, as a tabular data (.tab) file. Currently, the file format should be JSON, representing a three column table, where the first column is the three-letter ISO country code, the second is the year and the third is the value. In the future, CSV-files may be possible.


  • Download a .csv file, for example from https://ourworldindata.org
  • Trim to three columns in a spreadsheet program
  • Upload it at https://www.csvjson.com/csv2json . Select "parse numbers".
  • Copy the json output and paste it into Notepad. Find and replace { with [, and "Country:" with nothing
  • Paste this data below the heading data, at for example [:commons:Data:Child Mortality.tab]

Be aware of some minor bugs.

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