Dino är Jessica Folckers andra album. Det släpptes den 26 oktober 2000. To be able to love blev en hit.

Studioalbum av Jessica Folcker
Utgivning26 oktober 2000
Jessica Folcker-kronologi
Jessica (album)
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  1. To be able to love
  2. Missing you crazy
  3. Crash like a wrecking ball
  4. Tonight
  5. If I was your girl
  6. I know love
  7. Been and gone
  8. Love you like a fool
  9. Punk
  10. Miracles
  11. Wish I were the one
  12. Dis-Moi Pourquoi
  13. Lost without your love
  14. I don't wanna talk about it
  15. Love you for all time