Ej att förväxla med James Grant (författare).

James Grant, född 1802 i Elgin, Moray, död den 23 maj 1879 i London, var en brittisk tidningsman.[1]

Åren 1850-1871 var Grant utgivare av Londontidningen Morning Advertiser och var därjämte en flitig medarbetare i Metropolitan Magazine.


  • Random recollections of the House of Lords from the year 1830 to 1836 including personal sketches of the leading members (1836)
  • The great metropolis (1836)
  • The bench and the bar (1837)
  • Metropolitan pulpit; or, Sketches of the most popular preachers in London (1839)
  • Travels in town (1839)
  • Walks and wanderings in the world of literature (1839)
  • Portraits of public characters (1841)
  • Lights and shadows of London life (1842)
  • Joseph Jenkins; or, Leaves from the life of a literary man (1843)
  • Impressions of Ireland and the Irish (1844)
  • Paris and its people (1844)
  • Pictures of popular people, or, Illustrations of human nature (1846)
  • Pictures of life. The dwellings of the poor (1855)
  • The controversy on important theological questions : between the "Eclectic Review", the Rev. Newman Hall, Rev. Thomas Binney, ... on the one side, and Mr. James Grant, editor of the "Morning Advertiser" on the other (1856)
  • Who is right, and who wrong? : correspondence between the Rev. Thomas Binney and Mr. James Grant (of the Morning advertiser) on new aspects of the controversy on important theological questions (1857)
  • God is love; or, Glimpses of the father's infinite affection for his people by the author of "The brother born for adversity" (3:e upplagan 1858)
  • The comforter; or, The Holy Spirit in his glorious person and gracious work (1859)
  • Our heavenly home : or, glimpses of the glory and bliss of the better world (1859)
  • Personal visit to the chief scenes of the religious revivals in the North of Ireland (omkring 1859)
  • Gleams of glory from the celestial world (1860)
  • Sources of joy in seasons of sorrow (1860)
  • The glorious Gospel of Christ: considered in its relation to the present life (1861)
  • God's unspeakable gift; or, Views of the person and work of Jesus Christ (1861)
  • Sketches in London (1861)
  • The foes of our faith, and how to defeat them; or, The weapons of our warfare with modern infidelity (1862)
  • The dying command of Christ; or, The duty of believers to celebrate weekly the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper (1863)
  • First love and last love : a tale of the Indian Mutiny (1863)
  • Grace and glory; or, The believer's bliss in both world (1863)
  • Steps and stages on the road to glory (1865)
  • The hymns of heaven : or, the songs of the saints in glory (1867)
  • The divinity of Christ : demonstrated by proofs drawn from the book of Revelation (1867)
  • Seasons of solitude; or, Moments of meditation on the things of eternity (1868)
  • The religious tendencies of the times; or, How to deal with the deadly errors and dangerous delusions of the day (1869)
  • Memoirs of Sir George Sinclair, Bart., of Ulbster [sic.] ( 1870)
  • The newspaper press; its origin--progress--and present position (3 band, 1871-72)
  • The Plymouth brethren: their history and heresies (1875)
  • Popish versions of the scriptures and the British and Foreign Bible Society (1877)
  • Meditations on the loving words of our loving Lord and Saviour (1877)


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