Dine Alone Records är ett indieskivbolag grundat av Alexisonfires manager Joel Carriere. Skivbolagets artister spelar, med några avvikelser, hardcore eller alternative rock.

Dine Alone Records
PlatsToronto, Kanada Kanada
GrundareJoel Carriere
Indie rock
Hardcore punk


Dine Alone Records beskriver sina influenser så här:

"Influencing someone to start a record label comes for all aspects of life. Starting Dine Alone came from simply wanting to do great deals with bands and work with our friends. Its that need to grow and experience highs and lows with some amazing people. It comes from seeing your parents struggle to raise their kids and you wanting a better life for your friends and family, it comes from having this need to consistently feel like you are making a change no matter how minor, it comes from everything and comes out in the love of music, the love of rock and fucking roll. This is our love and we are sharing it with you. Take it and swallow baby!"
– - Från Dine Alone Records MySpace-profil[1]

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