Blithe är ett popband från Umeå.

Bandet startade som ett Pixies coverband 1990.


  • Emil Ödling (sång, gitarr)
  • Mattias Norlander (gitarr)
  • Nils Forsberg (bas)
  • Johan Nilsson (trummor)


  • Soft demo (MC)

Powers of Flowers: POF 001 (demo) 1991

So far, Happy, Soft, Afterglow

  • Blithe (LP)

Garageland: BF 642 1991

Dawn, Happy, Feeling, Believe in me, Soft, Blithe, Afterglow

  • Pagan rituals under a midnight sun (CD)

Westside: WECD 038 Release date: October 5, 1992.

Born to be bored, Sometimes, Paul, Lauren and me, 090, The rainday, First it seems, Holocaust honey, True believer, part 1, True believer, part 2 (The return of popmusic), Lying awake considering a move, OK today, Counting sheep

  • Head is mighty (CD)

Westside: WECD 057 1993

Alias: 60104-2 1996

Pioneer LCD 1996

No comfort holden, Hell street, Head is mighty, Lost in the attic, Bike helmet, She's so strange, Plush boy, Mega babe, Goner, Football field, Enemy, Leaving song, Big one

  • Verse chorus verse (CD)

Westside: WECD 093 1995

Pioneer LCD 1995

A106 CD Only promo 1996

Alias: 60106-2 1996

I guess yes, Haven, Now you know, Losefer, Hell of man, Allegiance,Mother Goose, Mind dent, Hardliner,Man/2, Spring clean, Early risers


  • Hardliner ("7")

Alias: 60114-7 1995

Hardliner, The rainday

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  • Various: North of No South - compilation one

CD 1992 North of No South: NONSCD01

Ugly, The vanishing boy

  • Various: West Side strikes back: vol IV

CD 1993 Westside: WECD 046

Wallace wood

  • Various: We're all part of a family

CD 1994 Westside: WECD 073


  • Various: Making new friends

CD 1994 Westside: WECD 084

Head is mighty

  • Various: SOM presents the best in Swedish pop 1994

CD 1994 SOM: SOMCD 1/94

Big one

  • Various: Around the World with Sticky Records

7" 1994 Sticky: STICKY12

A picture ep split between A Shrine, Bear Quartet, Puffin and Blithe.

  • Various: The 23 enigma

CD 1995 Westside: WECD 095

CD 1996 Pioneer LCD PICP-1078

Bay of souls

  • Various: Coffee cup and apple sauce

CD 1995 West Side Fabrication/Pioneer LDC: PICP-1049

Bike helmet, No comfort holden

  • Various: On the outskirts of a small town

2CD 1995 Westside: WECD 101

Bay of souls, I guess yes

  • Various: Give ear!

CD 1996 Westside: WECD 125

Arctic cathartic

  • Various: CMJ New Music Monthly - December 1996 (Volume 40)

CD 1996 Alias/cmj: 1996

No comfort holden

  • Various: Popstad Umeå 1997

CD 1997 North of No South: NONSPROMO6 promo (digipak)

Arctic cathartic

  • Various: Scandinavian indie, now and then

CD 2007 Westside: WECD SAM0207 Release date: September 28, 2007

No comfort holden

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